Kindle King Publishing is a part of Babysteps Publishing Limited, we opened for business in January 2011.

But first, back to the beginning…

I entered the Kindle arena in 2009 and went full time in January 2011, after a few year’s trying to get published.

I incorporated my new company on January 17th, 2014, and took on my first paying customers.

Since then I have published 243 different titles in mainly non-fiction niches for my clients, every one has become bestsellers with 240 becoming multiple #1 bestsellers.

I have published for professional business people like CPA’s to international public speakers, Internet Marketers, Product developers and stay at home Mom’s and Dad’s..

Becoming a published author can separate you from your competition and give you massive authority like nothing else can.

Here are just a few reasons:

♛ Your Book Provides You Instant Authority, Social Proof, and Scarcity.
♛ Your Brand and Message Will Stand Out.
♛ Your Book Is a Marketing Investment With Long-Term Value on a global Basis.
♛ Your Book Will Expose You to Millions of People Worldwide.
♛ You Will Have Your Potential Customers Full Attention.
♛ Your Book Can Give You Access to Huge Profits and Residual Income.
♛ Writing Your Book Will Make You Better at What You Do

☎ our Skype number on +44(0) 161 818 9934 or email kevin@babystepspublishinglimited.com

Specialties: Helping Unpublished Writers Become Bestselling Authors, Kindle Publishing, Paperback Publishing, Internet Marketing, Public Speaking, Coaching