Kindle King Publishing is a part of Babysteps Publishing Limited, we opened for business in January 2011.

But first, back to the beginning…

This page is all about my life so far so I hope you enjoy it….

I left school at 12 with no qualifications to my name as I was seldom in school, as back in the day I would rather earn money working on farms than being taught stuff that I didn’t feel would benefit me in the ‘real world’.

After 4 years working on farms I finally left school and started a Youth Opportunity Program here in the UK for the local Education Authority as a Gardener/handyman, earning £23.50 a week, I didn’t like this as I had been earning nearly £40 a week on the farms, but listening to my Grandad’s words ‘get yourself a trade and you will be OK in life’ kept me going.

6 months later when the program finished I was offered an apprenticeship as a carpenter, I agreed and my wages doubled.

4 years later I finished my apprenticeship and set up on my own, this lasted 2 years.

I changed careers and joined the Fire Service, one of the best times in my life, this lasted 8 years, with many highs and lows, but I still wanted more out of life.

I then went into sales for various companies selling photocopiers and printing systems, making a lot of money along the way, but still not enough to keep me motivated.

In 2001 my marriage broke down along with me getting cancer and my Son having a horrific accident, not a good year, but it did make me realize that life is for living.

I set up another building company,went to America and got myself a Real Estate mentor, within 2 months I had learned to purchase property without using my own money. I had acquired a lot of properties over the next 12 months then decided to organize a ‘Personal Development Seminar’ on a grand scale, I was heavily into PD and still am today. Unfortunately others here in the UK at that time didn’t feel the same. Long and short of the story, I lost everything I had gained over the last 5 years.Now I had no job,no money, and worst of all no assets.

I then went back working as a Carpenter until I ‘Got Real’ with the internet. Three years of working again and part time internet money set me on my way to where I am today.

On 8th January 2011 I started studying properly how to make money online, 9 months went by and I never earned a dime, I bought into every ‘Guru’ online and fell for all their BS, spent a fortune but with no rewards, and I’m not one that half heartily takes something on, I followed every program to the letter, but when I asked the Guru’s why I wasn’t making money, most never responded, some just wanted me to buy more products.

I then discovered another ‘Guroo’  from here in the UK, I knew from the moment I listened to his stuff that he was different, real honesty at last, or so I thought.

After following his course on ‘How to create a product’, I went to work on my first book, it took me three and a half months.

I was now ready to put it on the Warrior Forum and make a fortune, everyone at the time was making thousands on crappy products.

I sat there in front of my PC eagerly awaiting the launch, I even contacted PayPal to let them know I would be pulling in large sums of money, and to not freeze my account.

I sat there waiting for my phone to ping for a sale, after 2 hours, nothing.

Then a ping, i’d made my first sale, this was it I thought, no so quick, I didn’t get another sale for half the day, I sat there for 15 straight hours without moving, I’d sold 2 copies, a dismal $14.

To say I was devastated would be an understatement, I called the ‘Guroo’ and he advised that if I purchased his coaching course I would find ALL the answers, I cant repeat what I told him to do, but the second word is OFF.

I knew I’d written a book the was good quality, and could help others start online.

I then spoke to a friend in the USA who asked me how the launch went, don’t ask I said.

Then it happened…

He asked if I’d heard of Kindle, I said no, he then gave me his Kindle course he had just created and told me to change my book into the Kindle format.

Then it became clear….

After a couple of days I launched my first book ‘Babysteps Roadmap to Internet Marketing Success’, it went to #6 in the Amazon bestsellers list, I was ecstatic.

I studied the Amazon system and it’s algorithms for over a year, learned everything I could, then published a few titles for friends and family, all their books went to #1 on Amazon, I knew I’d ‘cracked the code’.

I set my publishing company up on 17th January 2013, and haven’t looked back.

To date, I have published 237 books for paying customers, every single on is a bestseller, with 234 becoming #1 International bestsellers in many countries.

My peers gave me the name of ‘Kindle King’, I was embarrassed at first, I’m not one for the limelight, but now I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and all the people I have been able to help.

That brings me right up to March 2016, where I now offer one on one training and multiple products and courses.

My company also offers a done for you service where we build your business for you, it is not about quantity of the books, it is about you the Author. Our main goal is to make sure that YOU become as successful as you can with your book, then we not only show you how to build a 5, 6, or 7 figure business around it, but we give you the tools and put them together to enable that you do exactly that!

So, now you know my story, hopefully, there is a connection, I am here to help you if you are struggling to publish your book, just leave me a message on my FB page, and I will get back to you.

Thanks for listening, hope to work with you soon.


Kevin aka The Kindle King